Shelby LaMothe, MBA | MS Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling


As a twenty-something, New Orleans native, graduate from Louisiana State University, master’s recipient from Columbia Southern University, working on my second master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 5 years in a new city, all while establishing a career (whew); Life can get a little tricky. 

But, writing for the last few years, has been such a great method of releasing the stress that life throws my way, as I try to understand the world around me.

So, I embarked on this new journey in 2017, by creating a lifestyle blog and vlog, on sharing my personal experiences on everyday life, and hoping that it gives you a bit of insight on what may be going on in your life, also.

I share my different methods of how I am protecting my peace and give you advice and insight on what's working (or not), to see if they can help you too.

The three main categories that my posts will fall under:

Chasing God | Chasing Life | Chasing Love 

I believe that when you go through experiences, you’re not the only one. So, as you go through and when you grow through those experiences, you should share them. This is me, sharing them.

So Stay Tuned, Grow With Me,

& "God Bless These Twenty Somethings."




Louisiana State University | B.S. Human Resource Leadership Development


Columbia Southern University | MBA Human Resources Management


Capella University | MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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