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21 Questions to Ask a New Boo!

Feeling like a kid again? This effective game is awesome for getting to know your new boo! Check it out here.

Who remembers playing 21 questions with your new boo and smiling when you get answers?? This is a list of effective questions that I have used or have been asked, and it has made the getting to know you process much more engaging !

Thanks to my friend and What’s The Tea co-host, Maegan, for helping me with this list!

Have fun and I hope you learn what you need to know from your new partner!

  1. What is your love language(s) ? Receiving and giving.

  2. What are your pet peeves ?

  3. What are your deal breakers?

  4. What are your deal makers ?

  5. What’s your ideal date night ?

  6. Are you intentionally dating or just “having fun”?

  7. What motivates you?

  8. What are you looking for in a spouse?

  9. What are your career plans and aspirations?

  10. Where are you wanting to travel next? And Where is your favorite place to travel ?

  11. What does alone/ quiet time look like for you?

  12. What does self care look like to you?

  13. Do you have kids? Do want to have kids?

  14. Do you want to get married?

  15. Are you spiritual? Is that a deal breaker for you if the person does not share your same beliefs?

  16. What are your financial goals and how are you working towards them? -Maegan

  17. Where are you on your mental health journey? -Maegan

  18. What lesson(s) did you learn from your last relationship?

  19. What are your toxic traits (bad habits) ? (Yes, we’re all toxic to some degree, read my previous blog post for my explanation on that. Click here)

  20. What’s your family dynamic? Close-knit or loving from a distance? -Maegan

  21. What makes you feel accomplished?

  22. What was your fondest memory?

  23. If you’re in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or cheered up?

  24. What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?

  25. Would you relocate for love?

  26. What are you most thankful for?

  27. Do you believe in second chances?

  28. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done and would you do it again?

  29. What’s the one thing that people often misunderstand about you?

  30. How much do you share on social media? Is it your personal diary, blog, or very rarely do you post?

If you have additional questions that have worked for you, drop them below in the comments!

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