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I've recently moved back into my own place, and though I've lived alone previously, this time I wanted to find some essentials that not only were essential, but affordable!

The Products

Glass Coffee Mugs:

These mugs came in handy to complete my simple and clear look in my kitchen. I don't drink coffee, but these are perfect for when I drink my tea in the morning and evenings.

Wine Glasses:

These glasses are simple and though its only me, I have them for when I have guests over. I also got them because I wanted all of my dishes and cups to be clear.

Knives Set:

These knives are sooooo beautiful and very sharp! My friend, @WatchCiWork has an Amazon store with these on there and other household essentials! Take a look here. Click "Home" and shop there!

Food Storage Containers:

These airtight containers are great for your foods, pet food storage, and other household usage like laundry pods!

Dish Drying Rack:

This quickly allows my dishes to dry over the sink to prevent a wet counter and clutter in the kitchen.

Sink Caddy:

Like dishes, I'm not a fan of a clutter on top of the sink, so this little essential has been a life saver with keeping my sponges and dish brush drained.

Soap Dispensing Brush (Pictured in Sink Caddy):

This, leak proof, brush has been the best I've gotten thus far. No leaks, means no stickiness and residue in the sink or on the counter. An essential find!

Glass Spray Bottles:

In my previous post and vlog, I talked about how I used these to place my household cleaners in them to give my apartment a simple but aesthetically pleasing look! I did not use these labels in the end, but they're really cute and come with a chalk pen, caps, spray nozzles, and a silicone funnel.

Plastic Pump Bottles:

I also talked about these in my previous post and vlog. To match the sage green look in my front room, I got these to place my hand soap and hand sanitizer in them.

Keurig Pods Drawer Organizer:

I wanted to keep the counter clear of a lot of clutter, so I placed my tea bags and honey sticks in here. It has a 30 pod capacity.

LED Floor Lamp:

Such a simple but cute design for the living room. I had it in my bedroom as well, so it's not limited, of course. It comes with an additional LED light but I haven't had to change my previous one since I purchased this over a year ago.

Folding Step Stool:

My tall ceilings, fixtures, and washer and dryer in my apartment are out of reach for me, so this is a need for me.

Ring Doorbell Antitheft Mount:

The type of doors my apartment complex has, does not allow mounting so this came in handy to protect my ring doorbell and place it at the right level to be able to see who's at my door, while I am not home.

Indoor/Outdoor Mat for Balcony/Patio

If you saw my post a few days ago, I purchased a Hanging Egg Chair from World Market, with a matching one for my cat at Home Goods. I want my space to be stylish and simple so I got this awesome rug that fit my balcony perfectly. It's not the feel of a normal rug; its goal is to be outside and be able to withstand the weather.

Acrylic Display Stand

I have 2 of these stands in my bathroom on the counter to showcase my perfumes and have my skincare ready to use. Once I add more to my perfume collection, both will be used for the fragrances.

Garment Rack

This garment rack has just recently entered my room. I use it for the season specific garments. This summer is really bright and colorful. Check out my new reel to see this in action!

Foldable Closet Organizer

I found that my closet was a little too small for all of my clothing, so I found this organizer that you can hang or let just sit in the closet. I folded my shorts and t-shirts here and it saved a lot of hanging space in my closet.

Floating Shelves

These have given my room such a perfect organizing but simplistic aesthetic. I have a total of 7 of these to hold my purses and to hold my bags and boxes for my sofa area in my room. Check out my IG reels to view these shelves in action!

Fabric Lint Shaver

Listen! My biggest pet peeve is when my clothes get the lint balls and just lint in general on them. I saw this on Instagram and have been in love ever since! Check out how it works here.

Foldable Handheld Clothing Steamer

This has been such an amazing addition to my clothes. I do not iron much at all; usually if the dryer doesn't fix it, it's either not going to get worn or I "let the wrinkles fall out" lol. This guy is awesome so far! Reel coming soon to show you how it works!

Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see me put these in action using reels and videos.

I hope this helps you pick up some products that you may need for your new place!

Sending you love and light,

Shel 🤎

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