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Why Black Love is Beautiful

Take a look at how society portrays black love and see how I view it!

I got to grow up in a household where my parents were together. A lot of my peers and followers can’t say the same. The closest some of us get to this authentic love is the very few movies and tv shows we have. We see either a single black mother or single black father in tv shows and movies. It’s been portrayed and engrained in us that we won’t succeed in a family sense but so many have proved that to be false.

And it’s not perfect & that’s what makes it beautiful!

As a black woman, we’re taught to be strong and independent but when it’s time to be submissive, this can be tough. We’re not as trusting initially, but once you gain that trust and allow us to be comfortable enough to be “soft” around you; man, it’s the ride of your life!

Our black men, on the other hand, have been taught to show no weakness. So they’re closed off, until some wonderful being makes them feel safe enough to share their feelings and emotions.

A perfect example of this is Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield in the movie, The Photograph. Issa was raised to be independent and Lakeith wasn’t as forthcoming but when he was into her, he relaxed. And I mean RELAXED! lol They had their struggles, despite having family issues and jobs across the globe, but they made it work in the end.

Black love has been counted out since the beginning. People don’t want to see this type of love succeed because it has been such a “norm” based on the systematic oppression that we as a black community face. But its so damn beautiful to see black love prevail even when the odds are stacked against us!

Wanna see more of those black love stories? Here’s a list of my favorites below:

  • The Photograph (movie)

  • Love Jones (movie)

  • Love & Basketball (movie)

  • A Different World (series)

  • The Bill Cosby Show (series)

  • Martin (series)

  • Living Single (series)

  • Blackish (series)

  • The Best Man (movie)

  • Moesha (series)

  • My Wife & Kids (series)

  • The Bernie Mac Show (series)

  • The Jamie Foxx Show (series)

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (series)

  • Family Matters (series)

  • Good Times (series)

  • Jumping The Broom (movie)

Feel free to add more in the comments!

Sending you love and light,

Shel 🤎

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