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Date Night | Quarantine Edition

Calling all lovers and daters!! I asked my friends who are in relationships and dating and I picked their brains on what date night is looking like for them now that we are being safe at home! Here are some of the cute dates they’ve had!

Candle-Lit Dinner.

Grab a blanket/comforter and lay it in a large enough spot, light your favorite candles, grab some wine or your preferred drink (if you drink), cook or order takeout, dim the lights and you have a romantic dinner for two.

Wine Tasting.

If you’re like me, you STILL haven’t found your wine preference or if you have, good for you! Order some wine options from your local store (Instacart delivers for you in most places). Get creative and venture out on one’s you have not tried before. You can have it set up like a candle lit pic nic or simply on the counter or bar. Have the wines lined up and host your date with some great snacks to pair with their wine choices.

Paint + Sip.

Same concept as “Painting With A Twist” where you grab your favorite wine and you and your partner paint the selected photo. Paint is easy to find and can also be delivered too! This is a fun and eventful night because you get to see how good (or bad) your partner is at painting and it’s a great way to have conversation!

Dinner + A Movie.

We all love a great dinner date and then catching a movie right after. This can happen from the comfort of your home! Order takeout or cook (even better). But make sure you CHOOSE A MOVIE BEFORE THE DATE because we all know how long it can take to deicide on a movie. It takes even longer to scroll through each streaming service to find one.

Cooking Together.

Choose a how-to video for the meal you want to cook (tons of free videos on YouTube. Best friend has his YouTube channel under construction to give you some recipes) This is a fun and competitive way to see who’s the best cook! Order your ingredients from your store and get them delivered (I’m sure you’ve caught my hint by now-STAY HOME). Cook and enjoy! Though I’m positive there are lots more, these should help you get out the same old routine since you’ve been inside! Getting creative shows how much you care about your partner. Be open to their ideas as well!

As always, sending you love and light 🤎


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