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Before You Date...

We want the playbook to marriage and dating. Well these three are my favorites!

I think we have so much at our fingertips now in this dating world. Though things won’t be “planned” or “by the book” I think these books give some awesome insight before diving in. Here’s my list below:

  1. Relationship Goals by Pastor Michael Todd

  2. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

  3. The Game of Desire: 5 Suprising Secrets to Dating w Dominance by Shan Boodram

You should know that Relationship Goals & The 5 Love Languages will have marriage as the forefront of the book.

You should know that Relationship Goals & The 5 Love Languages will have marriage as the forefront of the book. However, they are still relevant to when you are dating because it teaches us “singles” how to date with intention. Do not think that this is not relevant for you because remember, you’re not preparing for dating, you are preparing for marriage. Why just learn what it takes to date?

Pastor Mike takes the hashtag #RelationshipGoals and teaches us why its important to keep God at the forefront of your relationships. He also talks about living in your season of singleness, dating with intention, and even marriage tips by he and his wife, Natalie Todd.

We have all heard of the 5 Love Languages and if you haven't , you’re living under a rock! The author gives specifics of each of the 5 love languages and you are able to determine which one(s) you fall under. This not only gives you a front row seat at how to love your partner but how your partner should love you.

Lastly, sexologist (yes, its a thing!) Shan Boodram is given you the playbook on how to win at dating. In this somewhat interactive book, you get to write down what you want and don’t want and how to “go for it”. It’s fun to read and made me giggle from time to time. The experiments are fun and can be effective, if done correctly!

These books have changed the way that I am approaching the dating world now and for good reason. I no longer look at being single as a curse (click here to see my latest blog on this topic), I know what I want and how I want to be loved, and gives me a guide on attraction!

Now, I know there are much more, but these have been the most informative for me because of their specifics and details! Please put some in the comments below so I can add them to my library 🤗

As always, sending you love and light 🤎


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