Lovers & Friends | Get Ready for V-Day

Whether you’re celebrating with your gals or pals or even your lover for Valentine’s this year, it’s a day to celebrate love!

it's a special day that is okay to celebrate no matter what anyone says!

Men and women all around the world love Valentine’s Day and whether it's due to your lover making this day more special than a normal day, or your friends showing you extra love, it's a special day that is okay to celebrate no matter what anyone says! But as social media gets more and more into celebrities relationships and gifts, people start to feel the need to compare, but I’m here to tell you the little things still matter the most!

So, I’m here to give you some gift ideas for your valentines and galentines and brolentines (if that’s not something I just made up 🥴):

1. Do a Cute At-Home Date.

Since covid is still alive and thriving, I made a post during 2020 about cute date ideas for at home. Check them out here

2. Flowers & Candy.

Flowers is such an inexpensive gift (I’m not referring to the $1000+ ones we always see) that is timeless and thoughtful. I never received flowers until now and I smile and get excited every time I receive them. They’re cute and thoughtful and makes your person feel special.

3. DIY.

I’m such a DIY girl. There’s nothing you can’t make that someone won’t feel special about what you did out of thought, care, and creativity for them. Write or create special cards, jewelry holders, decorate a vase, or even a custom sweatshirt or tee for your loved one.

4. Stuffed Animals.

Oversized teddy bears are IN, especially if it’s laying next to you in bed. Small bears are amazing too bc they’re so cute and cuddly as well and affordable gifts

5. Picnics.

If the days are sunny and beautiful, try and outdoor picnic with some fruit dipped in chocolate (or white chocolate) and finger foods. Roll out a blanket and grab a cheap basket from hobby lobby or Amazon (prime is clutch). Try an inside picnic that I explain in the quarantine dating post.

6. Personalized Gifts.

I'm a lover of thoughtful and personalized valentines day gifts. My favorite places to visit are Etsy, Things Remembered, and Amazon to get some cute customizable gifts. Some ideas can be an engraved wallet card with a sweet message, a personalized blanket with photos, and even a personalized drinking glass or jewelry box.

7. Quality Time.

The greatest gift for someone who's love language is primarily quality time, is to do simply that. A walk in the park, movie night, etc. whatever it is, spending the time with your loved one is sometimes all one needs.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun and a way to get creative. Make your partner find their "prize" with a series of around the city stops! It makes it fun and builds the anticipation. Have fun!

I hope these help give you guys some great ideas for your lovers, gals, and pals!

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