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My Favorite Self-Care Activities

I LOVE the tub! But that’s not the only self-care that I enjoy. Come see my favorite self-care activities!

During the quarantine, we have had so much time on our hands to really sit down and spend more time with ourselves. This means, you should have self-care down to a science. If you don’t, here are some of my favorite self care routines that I make sure to check off daily and weekly.


I take about thirty minutes to myself with no phone in hand and pray, read my daily devotional book, and singing so loudly to my gospel playlist. Follow me on Apple Music: @Sheln

Affirmations. Talk nice to yourself and you’ll feel great about yourself. Need some ideas on how to create affirmations, click here.

Workout! There’s no better way to care for yourself than keeping yourself healthy! I workout 5 days out of the week and I make it a point to work hard! An effective workout brings so many great health benefits and prevents health care issues!

Bath time!! OMG! This is my favorite part of day. Bath time is a whole ordeal for me. I’m talking candles lit, music playing or watching a show on my iPad( I have a tub tray😁) sometimes I may add a glass of wine. Sometimes just water will do, but I lay back and just breathe. I unwind and get to sit there without interruption!

Read a book! One thing I’ve been doing more of is trading my IG articles for a full blown book. Yes! I just finished Relationship Goals by Pastor Michael Todd ( don’t worry we’ll get into this soon 😌) and now reading a Nicholas Sparks love story. It not only is relaxing, but it makes you use your imagination. Keep that part of your brain active!


Extra Skin Care! So we know how much I love tub time, well every Wednesday me and my tub have an additional guest...a face mask! No, not the ones that are blocking The Rona, a skin care essential!So I wash my face, scrub, and steam it for about 5-10 minutes. It feels so good! Then I grab my Honey Potion face mask by Farmacy Beauty and apply it for an extra deep clean. What’s better than normal tub time? Tub time with a mask lol

Church! I finally am able to be “off” from work to catch church! So every Sunday morning, me + Transformation Church on YouTube = An amazing start to my day of rest! Church allows me to feel even closer to God and I get to share that experience with my mom!

Wash Day! Sunday’s are also for hair care. This means the whole shebang! Shampoo (biweekly), deep conditioner (hours) , conditioner, style! This is just the great way to detox the stress of the week and start fresh in the new week!

This is how I do “self care”! It may look different for everyone but for me, it’s the simple things. I try to keep stress out of my life and it hasn’t been easy to get here! I hope you are learning yourself more so you can find some ways to take care of yourself!

So, share with me in the comments how you do self care!

As always, sending you love and light🤎


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