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Tattoos | The Art Considered Taboo

All across the world, we see people with amazing works of art on their bodies, some small and some big, as a way to express themselves. Yet, even though it is a personal choice, older generations tend to have a negative connotation to people who tattoo their bodies. I'm not exempt.

My dad drilled into our heads, at a young age, never to get a tattoo because of what his perception of them were. back in those days, you couldn't get a job or you were even seen as a rebel if you have visible tattoos because of the negative perception that they had. Though I understood that perception, it was not mine.

So, at 18 years old, my first year in undergrad, I got my first tattoo on my ribcage. Let's just say I started getting more and more, now totaling 15 as symbolic and spiritual meanings for me. I found that if they all had a story, then it would be more justifiable and easier to explain why I got them until I realized, I don't have to explain what I want to do with my body because its mine. So my newest one (pictured) was one that I got as a "just because I thought it was beautiful" tattoo and I am so in love with it. I could place a spiritual meaning behind, if I want to, that it's signifying that I am "planted" in God, and thought that is true, that was not it's purpose.Though, I do recommend having significant meanings to each tattoo you get, it's your prerogative

The best part about the new generation as well, is that having tattoos no longer is a determinate of your quality of work for a company. I have been fortunate to work for two companies (Lush Cosmetics and Apple Inc.) that have managers and corporate officers sporting a sleeve of tattoos. They have shown that everyone is included and let's face it, you get a stamp of approval if you can sit through a tattoo with no numbing cream 🤷🏾‍♀️.

My sisters and I all have tattoos and it's pretty cool to now have my mom getting some too. I guess she got to the point of "why not?". Though my dad's head almost explodes every time he see's us with our tattoos out or that we continue to get them, I always have to remind him that we dont just say, " Hey! Let's go get a tattoo to annoy Daddy", it's simply an expression of ourselves and our desire to do what we'd like with our bodies.

So, I'm in no way trying to condone you getting a tattoo against your parents wishes, by any means. I just simply want you to remember that we now live in a time where they are more acceptable and not a determinate of your future - if you work for the right company.

Take a look at my 15 tattoos, in order - I hope they give you some inspo for your first or next tattoo and placement:

  • Stay Strong with an Anchor - Right Rib Cage

  • Psalm 23:4, Grandmother's Favorite Scripture - Spine

  • Red Semicolon - Outer Wrist - Matching Tattoo with Sister

  • 3 Interchanging Arrows - Left Side of Back

  • Turtle - Mom's Nickname for Me - Right Inner Ankle

  • God is Greater Than the Highs & Lows - Wrist

  • Cross - Right Wrist

  • Blue "Breathe" - Right Wrist

  • Cody (My Dog) - Left Outer Ankle

  • Jupiter (My Cat) - Right Outer Ankle

  • IV - Inner Left Elbow - Matching Tattoos With Sisters (Birth Order)

  • Red Heart Outline - Hip

  • Wrapped Vine With Flowers - Left Foot, Ankle, & Shin

I absolutely love all my tattoos and just want you to know you don't have to be ashamed of yours; wear them with pride (of course unless they were a huge accident lol)

Sending You Love & Light

Shel 🤎

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