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The Kitchen | For the Love of DIY

I am such a DIY girl, especially when it comes to home organization and improvement. So, for my readers, I have a blog for you and for those of you that would rather watch, the video is pasted below! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my Youtube while you're there!

First things first, I love to organize and love to shop for organization products even more. After I moved into my new apartment, I had been searching on Pinterest and my friend, @watchciwork for kitchen and cabinet organization ideas.

I wanted something that looked neat and aesthetically pleasing to me so I went to Amazon and found some storage containers for my dry foods, cute glass bottles for my household cleaning products, and then Hobby Lobby for some cute spice jars with spoons. The Amazon purchases each came with black labels and a chalk pen, that is cute, but ultimately still was not the look I was going for with my labels. I also saw some labels made by a seller on Amazon but there were so many labels that I would never use, so I decided to create my own labels using Canva, going to Walmart for a printer and label paper, and got to work.

I was able to create the look I wanted and saved lots of money by just doing it myself.

So here's the process:

  1. Wear gloves to make sure that you are not getting chemicals on your skin when transferring the household cleaning products to the glass bottles.

  2. Use the silicone funnel or a funnel you have to pour the products into the bottles

  3. Go to Canva to begin designing the labels you want

  4. Print and cut them out to fit the size of the jars (sn: you may have to do some test prints on regular paper to make sure the sizes are correct before wasting label paper; it's not cheap🥴)

  5. Label your jars and organize them the way you want.

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