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The ReBrand

Chasing Shel has evolved so much over the past couple of years and even more the last few months. But why? Simply put, I’m evolving with it.

Though my journey in life has been far from a straight line, it’s what makes Chasing Shel that much more worth it.

Would you believe me if I told you that while doing this photoshoot, I was getting ready to make a big mental health decision a few days later or that even though I am well educated in the field of Human Resources, that I still keep getting turned down for entry level positions? Or how about, I have thrived so hard off of being loved, that no matter how much I wanted it, I couldn’t even get a man to make me a priority 💁🏾‍♀️ it all was a blow to my ego, to say the least.

All of that, in that moment, disappeared when I decided what I was going to do next. I chose to handle it through prayer and my relationship with God. I chose to get to know me more and realized that those negatives wouldn’t be my reality, but they would become my testimony.

This is why Chasing Shel exists. I’ve learned that it’s so much easier to find a positive in those things that seem to be negative situations. In those seemingly negative circumstances, I found that getting off of my medication was the best decision I have made since getting on it; I feel free.

I found that I wouldn’t let lack of experience keep me from applying to those jobs because I know I am qualified. Lastly, I found that searching for love is no longer a priority for me because I’m now learning more of what love looks like, thanks to God; what I was experiencing and searching for was not love so I decided I will not settle for it until I know that it is. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss this more on my next blog 😉

So, those smiles and looks you get from this rebrand come exactly from this crazy life journey. I want it to show you that, you may be going through a rough time, but God will always see you through it. I also want it to show you even if it’s still a tough time, “Faithfully serve in your season”-Pastor Mike Todd, Transformation Church

Thank You + Welcome to Chasing Shel❤️

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