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Let's be honest: social media is addicting in different ways for everyone.

Whether its our source of news, staying up to date with our friends or favorite celebs, and even just for the laughs!

But, there’s also so much that is negative when it comes to social media. Between bullying and watching the police brutality towards the Black Community, and the news of our King, Chadwick Boseman’s passing, it has been tough to scroll through social media without getting upset or even depressed. So here are some resources and tips to unplug from social media and use as an alternative:

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Set Social Media Daily Limits.

If you have any Apple device you can set screen time limits on the device for how long you are allowed to be on an app. Take a look at how much time you’re dedicating to Social Media and try to reduce it daily. It will help you be more productive throughout the day as well.

Binge Watch a TV Show.

Right now the Black community has been needing a win and Netflix did not disappoint. We now have some of our childhood favorites on Netflix to binge watch. You can also watch something funny to lift your spirits!

  • Moesha

  • Sister Sister

  • The Game

  • Girlfriends: September 11.

  • The Parkers: October 1.

  • Half & Half: October 15.

  • One on One: October 15.

Read a New Book.

Reading helps you to use your imagination and can be super peaceful. You can read while you’re in bed or even while you’re taking a bath. I am currently reading Love Language by Adrian Michael and will read his other two books Giver I and Giver II. My last few months reading list:

  • Relationship Goals by Pastor Michael Todd

  • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

  • Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

Be Social.

Get out the house! Whether it's going to run errands or go to a bar; get out of the house and grab some Vitamin D!

  • Go grab a drink or lunch or dinner with your friends! Get out of the house. (During the pandemic, we have not been able to be as social as we normally would be. However, businesses are now open and make sure you proceed with caution before going out. )

  • If you don’t necessarily want to leave the house, Group FaceTime with some of your favorite people


Right before the pandemic started, I got back into exercising 5 days out of the week. It not only helps relieve stress but it also aids in your physical overall health. Don’t forget to take at least, 30 minutes to exercise for a healthy heart!

If anyone has anymore tips for how they unplug from social media, please pass them along!!

As always, sending you love and light 🤎


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